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To stay ahead, you need a deep understanding of the market

Market Insight can help

We help you understand market:


Visibility into sales, units sold, prices, store counts, attributes, filtered by brand, store and state for any selected period.


Insight into price index trends by brand or retailer, along with comparisons and the dependence of price on ratings.


Clarity on how selected brands are performing at each store showing reviews and ratings, along with a value map.

Why Real-Time Market Insights Are Critical to Survive The COVID-19 Crisis

The first half of 2020 brought some surprising changes for retailers, manufacturers, as well as consumers. And as things continue to settle down in the second half of 2020, there is one question on everyone’s mind: how exactly has the pandemic changed the consumer behavior? And more importantly, are these changes here to stay or will they drop out soon as the fear caused by the pandemic subsides?

How Market Insight Helps You Identify Massive Sales Opportunities

Track how you
perform vs. competitors

Optimize assortment and availability

Gain intelligence into product pricing

Convert market insights into sales opportunities

Easily answer questions like:

Designed for your organization

Our platform is configured to give you a complete view into the sites and categories where you sell. 


ML-Enabled vs. Qualitative Market Intelligence

Unlike qualitative market measurement platforms, Market Insight captures millions of data points every day to deliver both high-level and extremely granular market share data.
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Market Insight Platform

Our 360-degree market analytics platform offers advanced analytics, powered by machine learning, to identify market opportunities and threats across the entire spectrum (product pricing comparison, new product opportunities, inventory trends, marketplace volume trends, etc.)

News & Insights

Our team of analysts combines deep sector expertise with the most up-to-date market data, equipping you with the information edge you need to stay ahead.

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Definitive Guide to Market Measurement Solutions for Wholesalers and Manufacturers

Solid sales growth and performance are critical in driving long-term viability and business success for both manufacturers and retailers, and in-depth performance measurement is critical in tracking what’s happening in stores and online in an increasingly competitive landscape.
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US Power Tools: Macro Analysis 2020

Our proprietary technology enables us to analyze both macro and micro trends in the power tools space. Learn which brands are selling this year and why at the leading stores in the US.
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360-Degree Market Analytics Platform

By providing actionable product insights into market share, competitive pricing opportunities, sales volumes, ratings, and reviews, we help you save time, increase sales, and reduce risks.

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